Polythene Layflat Tubing & Heat Sealers

Clear polythene layflat tubing on rolls is very useful for cutting to your desired length when you need to wrap long objects for which �off-the-shelf� polythene bags are not available. For a really professional job we can also supply a heat sealing machine which will enable you to make your own bags and sealed sleeves.

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Polythene Layflat Tubing FAQs

Polythene Layflat tubing, or just "layflat", is an endless and seamless tube of polythene in exactly the state in which it comes from the extrusion machine. Looked at simply it is a continuous polythene bag with no bottom!

How can I secure the ends of my layflat?

You can close layflat by all the same methods as any polythene bag. Most people tape the ends, some use a stapler and many heat-seal the ends. You can even tighten cable ties around the ends!

Is layflat tubing watertight?

Yes, whilst it isn�t completely airtight it is fully watertight.

Can I freeze layflat wrapped round fish?

Yes - polythene is temperature stable down to domestic deep freeze levels.

Can I use layflat as air-ducting?

Yes - lots of people use layflat as cheap air-ducting; not only that, but wherever you want extra air simply make a hole in the duct! It can also be used to carry air-born products into silos, etc.

What is the diameter of 12" (305mm) layflat?

Our listed layflat dimensions are half the circumference (i.e. twice the width when laid flat). This means that a 305mm wide tube does NOT fit a 305mm dia pipe. The fomula required is Circumference divided by Pi (3.142) = Diameter. Or, Diameter X Pi = Circumference. So, to go over a 305mm pipe the layflat circumference would need to be (305 x 3.142) 958mm = 479mm laid flat width. The nearest available size is 508mm (20") - a nice fit with a little to spare.

Can I make my own bags from layflat tubing?

Yes, you�ll need a heat sealer with a cutter to make life easy, but if you are packing components of various lengths with a common width layflat is the ideal solution. It saves stocking loads of different bags and none get borrowed for sandwiches.

Pallet Shrink Film

Pallet shrink film provides transparent all weather protection. It is ideal for stabilising heavy palletised goods while in transit. This range of polythene centrefold, tubing and pallet bags are used with our pallet guns.

Polythene Sheeting

Clear polythene centre fold sheeting is ideal for floor and general protection. This product is also widely used to protect the top of pallets from moisture and dirt. We sell three popular rolls from stock in various polythene thicknesses(Gauge.) The width of the rolls are all 1 metre wide but dependending on the polythene gauge will open to either 2 metres wide or 4 metres wide when unfolded.

Polythene Layflat Tubing

Create your own polythene bags with lay flat tubing. To be used in conjunction with one of our 300mm or 400mm wide polythene heatsealers. Odd shapes and long products are then easy to seal in polythene. Simply insert your product into the tubing, cut the polythene to the required length and heat seal at both ends.

Shrinkwrap Kits

Shrinkwrap kits that cuts and seals shrink film in one operation. These shrink wrap systems include a hot air blower and unrolling device. A professional and economical way to shrink wrap your products.

Shrink Wrap Rolls

This economic clear film is for use with one of our shrink wrap kits which cuts and seals the shrink film in one operation. It enhances the presentation of your products while protecting against dirt and dust. Popular applications include shrinkwrapping smaller products such as DVD's, videos, books and toys.

Layflat tubing provides cut to fit protection for long length items such as pipes and tubes. The tubing can be sealed using an Impulse sealer to create the size of bag you require.

Shrink quality pallet covers for protecting products stored on pallets. Ideal for warehouse and outside storage. To be used in conjunction with a shrink gun.